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The French bureaucracy, however designed to support all residents, can be very complicated both for individuals and for entrepreneurs, especially those employing citizens of other countries.



We dedicate our offer to large and small companies. Besides an assistance in employment of foreigners we can also propose constant care and administrative support while staying in France.


We adjust the offer individually to the client, depending on the size of the enterprise, the employee's profile, the type of employment and considering optimal accounting opportunities. Some of our services also qualify as service à la personne.


Entrepreneurs - small companies already existing and those to be created

French law offers a lot of solutions enabling you to start your own business. We help in the most optimal / cost-effective and socially safe legal form.


  • consultations and assistance in setting up a business,

  • completing all formalities related to registration in relevant offices and organizations

  • registration in the social insurance system,

  • selection of optimal health insurance (basic, additional, retirement),


Relocation services:

Moving to another country is always associated with a number of formalities. Especially in France, where the bureaucracy is complicated and extremely time-consuming, it can become a true obstacle. Our goal is to make it easier for you and your employees.


  • advice on the optimal choice of the form of employment,

  • apartment renting support , contact with specialized agencies, preparation of a full dossier in accordance to French requirements,

  • opening contracts for electricity and gas supply,

  • home insurance and civil liability,

  • opening a telephone line, mobile phone subscription, internet,

  • opening a bank account,

  • car registration and change of driving license,

  • registration of children at school, scholarships,

  • registrations in the social benefits system (CAF),

  • registration in the system of complementary health insurance,


Administrative care for your company's employees

We offer permanent administrative help for your employees on a basis of subscription. Our consultants offer both individual support for each employee or  monthly group meetings with your team.

The entire individual offer is included in the scope of the proposed services, and in particular:


  • assistance in obtaining rights to social benefits, health insurance, social support, housing subsidies and family supplies,

  • information and assistance in choosing optimal solutions for frontier employees,

  • income tax settlement,


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